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Bought a new book; hoping it will be helpful.

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April looks to be a slow month at the theatres for new releases. The most prominent title is the sci-fi thriller Oblivion (April 19) starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.  Director Joseph Kosinski’s previous film TRON: Legacy was visually accomplished but in service of a poorly paced narrative.  It’ll be curious to see if he does anything innovative with the hard white colour scheme shown in the film’s trailer.

Also difficult to tell is whether there’ll be a supportive audience for Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain (April 26), his first movie since directing Transformers and its two blockbuster sequels.  With a cast that includes Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and Ed Harris, one wonders if Bay will stick with his much maligned machine gun editing style or reinvent himself after working with Optimus Prime four years straight. Don’t hold your breath on the latter though.

Reading over a release schedule on Tribute, I noticed a film titled Molly Maxwell and out of curiosity viewed its trailer.  Shot in Toronto, the movie centers around a young prodigy and the burgeoning infatuation/romance with her school’s photography teacher. While the drama and conflicts seem predictable, the film boasts a crisp and vibrant look. Like Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, director Sara St. Onge has managed to capture Toronto’s colours in a refreshing way. Molly Maxwell is scheduled for a limited run at the Carlton Cinema starting April 19th.


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The new poster for upcoming documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine is absolutely perfect. In the new press release, director Liz Marshall discusses working with photographer JoAnne McArthur to challenge “the resistance within society to embrace the animal question. There have been other important movies made about animal rights, but I was determined to find a different approach, one that can both include and extend beyond the choir of those who are already concerned and active. My hope is to reach a broad audience.”

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Most of the Ellowynes, if you look they aren’t really smiling…maybe I like that so much because…deep down that’s how I feel.’

FX Canada acquires Russell Brand talk show for spring debut
Tonight's New Year's Eve anthem fersure - HNY everyone!